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  • Sturdy and Sustainable: The Perfect Combination for Mums

    December is a magical time of year. A time for cozying up, reconnecting with family and enjoying winter. Mums are bushy, sprawling and bursting with Thanksgiving themed colors: modest whites, vibrant yellows, warm orange

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  • Meet Our Sales Team!

    East Jordan Plastics is a one-of-a-kind organization for many reasons. From our reputation as a leader within the horticulture industry to our ever-growing recycling initiatives and state-of-the-art recycling facilities,

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  • Protect your Plants and the Planet with Plastic Pots

    For growers, knowing how to maintain a plant’s health is critical for encouraging growth, preventing diseases, and keeping your plants alive.

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  • Tips + Tools for Propagation

    Best Ways to Propagate For growers, propagation is a critical and sometimes fragile process. Using equipment built to encourage growth and protect your propagation cuttings can make a huge difference for growers’ succe

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  • Global Recycling Day 2023

    On March 18, 2023, we’re celebrating the sixth annual Global Recycling Day. Created by the Global Recycling Foundation to recognize the important part recycling plays in preserving the future of our planet for future g

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  • Graphic Design Services for Growing Pots

    Did you know East Jordan Plastics offers graphic design capabilities for brand owners? Well, now you do! Over the years, we’ve worked with ad agencies, marketing departments, design teams, and small business owners acr

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  • Numbers are a key factor in keeping it green

    If you’re familiar with East Jordan Plastics, you know we advocate for sustainability. What you may not know is just how serious we are about it. Not only do we produce reliable-quality growing containers made from rec

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  • Our Fully Closed-Loop Plastic Recycling Process

    At East Jordan Plastics, we’re striving for a sustainable future as a company dedicated to doing the right thing—and we have decades of experience to back that up. It’s been a passion of ours since 1947 when we sta

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