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How Sustainability Can Improve Your Operational Efficiency

Posted on January 27th, 2023 in The Sustainable Choice - Recycling Program

In today’s consumer-focused society, embracing sustainability initiatives is more important than ever. Sustainable business practices can often be expensive to implement, making it a hard sell to change course—but with East Jordan Plastics, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our revolutionary line of plastic plant containers are not only better for the planet, but can help growers SAVE money on operational costs.

At EJP, it’s our passion to continue seeking out new ways of bringing sustainable solutions to the horticulture industry. Our SHUTTLE STADIUM® line is just one example—they’re versatile, functional, and The Sustainable Choice for horticultural growing.

Customizable, Space-Saving Design

SHUTTLE STADIUM® Flower Pots are named after their stadium-like shape—with two flat sides and two round sides. This unique shape can help businesses display their brand logo on the rounded side and easily place labels or plant tags on the flatter sides. 
Aside from their highly customizable and eye-catching aesthetic, the SHUTTLE STADIUM® family of products improves business operational efficiency thanks to their space-saving abilities. Each pot can be oriented in trays, allowing growers and retailers to fit more pots in the same square footage than they could with round pots. This maximizes the number of plants in growers’ existing acreage, per cart, truckload, and on display at retail. 

Save on Shipping and Waste Removal

While growers can fit more pots per truckload using our SHUTTLE STADIUM® products, they can also save money on waste removal. Our closed-loop plastic recycling process helps customers save money by picking up their recycled product, rather than businesses having to spend money on waste removal services. By recycling your containers and trays with us, businesses help lower the amount of virgin material used to create pots. 
When we ship our product to our grower partners, SHUTTLE STADIUM® products allow us to ship more per case and pallet, thus reducing freight costs. Fewer shipments also mean less gas emissions into our atmosphere. Operating in a green industry, it only makes sense to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Purpose-Designed for Growth

Available in 1-pint, 1.25-pint, 1.5-pint, and 1-quart, 1.5-quart, and 2-quart-size containers, our SHUTTLE STADIUM® products feature co-extruded construction, a dark inner layer that prevents light from harming the plant’s delicate roots. With multiple drainage holes and a sturdy rim, these pots provide a tough exterior designed to keep plants protected and encourage growth.

Injection-Molded Trays

The SHUTTLE STADIUM® line does include Injection Molded SHUTTLE STADIUM® Flower Trays for many of the different sizes. These injection-molded trays are designed to be used for multiple seasons before being recycled into the closed-loop system again. Built with the strength to sustain multiple grow seasons, growers can trust the quality and durability of these trays, helping them save costs on ordering trays year after year.
Whether you’re looking for ways to optimize business efficiency, looking for propagation solutions, or gearing up for next year’s growing season, East Jordan Plastics’ family of containers will always be The Sustainable Choice. In fact, our zero-waste, closed-loop recycling program has helped us become the leader in sustainable horticultural packaging.

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