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How To Become a Part of Our Closed-Loop Recycling Process

Posted on April 30th, 2024 in The Sustainable Choice - Recycling Program

At East Jordan Plastics, we believe in making plastic recycling more accessible for the horticultural industry. It’s a big reason why—as a part of our sustainability goals and efforts—we were recently awarded Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Plastic Certification from The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

But, we get it; recycling can be confusing because of varying guidelines and complex product labels. It’s a challenge, but we aim to make it easier for you. So, we’ve built a process specifically for our grower partners. This presents a huge opportunity for more plastic to enter into our closed-loop recycling system. 

Want to learn how you can participate in this program to recycle plastic growing containers? Contact us today

What is a closed-loop recycling system?

At our 150,000-square-foot recycling facility in South Haven, Michigan alone, we recycle around 20 million pounds of used plastic from horticultural containers. This material goes through our proprietary recycling system, preparing it for our manufacturing facilities (all in the United States) to create thermoformed and injection-molded horticultural containers. This zero-waste, closed-loop recycling program has helped us become the leader in sustainable horticultural packaging. 

What are the benefits of a closed-loop recycling system?

A closed-loop recycling system helps reduce the need for new plastic to be used during manufacturing and results in less plastic waste being dumped in landfills. We believe our environmental-friendly solutions meet growers’ quality expectations. They’re durable. They’re strong. They’re made in the USA. They’re ready to make your product shine. 

Do growers get paid for recycling plastic?

Yes, and we either deliver a check to you or credit your account. Most of our grower partners who recycle with us also purchase our growing containers made from recycled materials, so they prefer to have their accounts credited. And by both recycling and buying with us, you’re helping create the closed-loop recycling process. 

Interested in our recycling program?

Excellent! East Jordan Plastics can pick up loads of plastic across the United States and in some areas of Canada. We work alongside our grower partners to coordinate plastic pickups, and even accept deliveries of plastic as a delivery time is set up with our logistics department.

It’s recycling made simple

Again, we understand that recycling is sometimes confusing. Can you recycle that type of plastic? Do you need to clean it? At East Jordan Plastics, we strive to make it a breeze. When you recycle with us, you just need to organize your growing containers by the type of plastic and not by color—individual pallets or bales of plastic must be composed of the same material type. We currently accept polystyrene (recycling symbol 6), polypropylene (recycling symbol 5), and high-density polyethylene (recycling symbol 2). All you have to do is sort by those symbols, and we’re good to go. 

Want more details on our recycling program? Check out this FAQ.

Ready to make The Sustainable ChoiceTM?

Perfect! As stated earlier, you can join our recycling program by dropping us a line today.

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