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Post-Industrial Waste: Making The Sustainable Choice

Posted on February 4th, 2022 in The Sustainable Choice - Recycling Program

Plastic. It’s a word frequently associated with waste—but what if it wasn’t wasteful? What if we told you post-industrial plastic can play a significant part in a closed-loop recycling system? Well we can tell you it’s true—because that’s exactly what we do at East Jordan Plastics.

Starting with wooden flats in 1947, we’ve been determined to create environmentally friendly solutions that exceed growers’ quality standards. And we continue to evolve our plastic recycling practices in an effort to inspire lasting change in the horticultural industry. Because it’s one thing to feel good about sustainability; it’s another to act on it.

Our Recycling Process

Through a proprietary in-house process, we take in material from many post-industrial and post-consumer streams. Unlike other recycling facilities, plastic material doesn’t need to be perfect or uncontaminated for us to redistribute it as tailored, sustainably designed solutions for growers—meaning we can recycle much more material annually that would otherwise be unusable.

We do this at our 150,000-square-foot recycling facility in South Haven, Michigan, where we recycle nearly 20 million pounds of used plastic from horticultural containers each year—and even more from post-industrial streams. This is part of our commitment to implementing a fully energy-efficient, closed-loop plastic recycling process that delivers high-quality plastic products.

Why? Because it’s better for growers, the industry, and the planet as a whole.

Instead of throwing out containers or keeping them forever, growers can partner with us to not only recycle but get paid in the process. And as a green, sustainability-focused company, East Jordan Plastics can help our partners augment their sustainability messaging required by retailers and consumers and implement sustainable solutions that can leave a lasting impact on businesses and the industry. 

At the end of the day, everything we do is to help create a better future for the next generation— because together, we can make The Sustainable Choice. 

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