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Tips + Tools for Propagation

Posted on April 20th, 2023 in News

Best Ways to Propagate

For growers, propagation is a critical and sometimes fragile process. Using equipment built to encourage growth and protect your propagation cuttings can make a huge difference for growers’ success. At East Jordan Plastics, we know how delicate of a process propagation is, so we’ve created sustainably made propagation trays that do just that—trays built to propagate multiple cuttings while encouraging growth and keeping them protected.

Containers Designed for Multiple Propagations

Since it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks and sometimes longer for roots to grow on a cutting, it’s essential to have strong and durable equipment that will protect the cutting as it matures. Our plug and propagation trays are precision-engineered to exact tolerances. The trays include round, square, hexagonal, and octagonal cells as well as vented and non-vented designs. With various shapes, sizing, and labeling options, our trays help growers maximize their propagation efforts while staying organized and uniform. Growers can even buy propagation and finished trays together for easy and uniform denesting, guaranteeing fit and precise specs.

There are multiple features that set our propagation trays apart from other containers. Our trays come in multiple varieties with specific features including common element (CE), endless-thermoformed, vented or non-vented, precision-punched, precision-trimmed and soil-saver. All of our propagation containers have uniform wall thickness that provides strong corners and bottoms, preventing the trays from tearing or breaking. Once the propagated plant has grown its roots, our trays are designed for easy de-nesting to prevent damage to the plant as you transfer it into its more permanent home.

The Pros to Propagating with Plastic

After completing a successful round of propagation, growers can keep their East Jordan Plastics’ trays and use them for their next propagation project. In fact, our plastic plug and propagation trays are designed to withstand 5-6 growing seasons before needing to be replaced and recycled. Made with high-quality, recycled plastic, our durable trays will help growers save money on order costs while creating less waste. Growers can also save money on waste removal by participating in our closed-loop recycling program. When it’s time to recycle, East Jordan Plastics will pick up any old, ready-to-be-recycled pots or trays to take back to their recycling facility.

“Whether it’s in propagation, automation, or finished production, East Jordan Plastics is one of the best family-owned and operated vendors out there,” said Randy Tagawa. “With product specs designed and specifically made for production, their plug and propagation trays are the best trays for transplanting on the market.”

With 36 different propagation tray sizes and variants in the East Jordan Plastics’ catalog, growers can trust that there’s a tray designed to fit their exact plant specifications. For more propagation tips and product information, check out our plug and propagation product offering.

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