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Meet Our Sales Team!

Posted on September 7th, 2023 in News

East Jordan Plastics is a one-of-a-kind organization for many reasons. From our reputation as a leader within the horticulture industry to our ever-growing recycling initiatives and state-of-the-art recycling facilities, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and our identity as a company. But our identity would be nothing without our incredible, caring employees. It’s our people that propel us forward.

To give you a glimpse inside just one of our teams, we conducted a Q&A with the members of our passionate sales staff so they could shed light on their time working at East Jordan Plastics and what makes EJP special to them.

Q: What made you want to work at East Jordan Plastics?

“I wanted to work for East Jordan Plastics because it’s a family-owned company that has direct relationships with their customers and a reputation for outstanding quality products and service in the industry.” – Frank Macrina, Regional Business Development Manager

“I started using EJP inserts 35 years ago and remember how nice the driver was when they delivered to us. I worked with the product for several years as a grower and then, when I went into sales, I could not find a product that I sold that was as good as the EJP inserts. When EJP needed another salesperson in my area, I jumped at the opportunity to join. The strong family aspect of the company and quality of product cannot be beat in the industry.” – Stephen Dick, Sales Manager – Northeast Region

“It’s a family-owned company with a great track record.” – Jeff Rusch, Sales Manager – Midwest Region

Q: What are a few items you’d likely find in your recycling bin on any given week?

“Water bottles, milk jugs, beverage cans.” – Bret Sulaver, Strategic Account Manager

“Glass containers, plastic containers, metal/aluminum containers, corrugate.” – Mike Nauta, Director of Sales & Marketing

“Cardboard boxes, water bottles, newspapers, glass jars.” – Jeff Rusch, Sales Manager – Midwest Region

“Milk cartons, orange juice containers, cardboard boxes from Amazon.” – Kenny Gil, Sales Manager – South and Central Texas Region

“Amazon boxes, milk containers, water bottles.” – Stephen Dick, Sales Manager – Northeast Region

“Milk jugs, beverage cans, water bottles, Amazon boxes, food packaging boxes.” – Dan Van Rossen, National Accounts Manager

Q: What’s something unique/rewarding about working on the East Jordan Plastics sales team compared to other similar roles you’ve worked?

“I believe we have the best sales team. I feel the trust and support of working with other reps who have a desire to make EJP successful in our industry. I work many hours and know that I am no different than anyone else on the team — we all push hard for our company. If we were cowboys, it could be said that, ‘We ride for the brand.’” – Tim Vaandering, Sales Manager – Canada

“East Jordan Plastics has an unwavering focus on a world-class customer experience. This strong reputation brings the best growers in the industry as partners. For me, it is extremely rewarding to be able to work with the most innovative, forward-thinking team in the business, providing solutions to any opportunity our grower partners present.” – Dan Van Rossen, National Accounts Manager

“The EJP sales team is a special group. Their dedication and drive are unmatched!” – Sabryna Davis, Sales Manager – Central Midwest

Q: What new products or innovations should EJP partners be aware of going into the second half of the year and into 2024?

“Our new 11” and 12” decorative baskets bring a totally different look compared to our present lineup of containers.” – Tim Vaandering, Sales Manager – Canada

“Our newest, most innovative products are our SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® family of products. We have added three new sizes to the lineup, which are a 1.25 pint, 1.0 quart and 1.5 quart. SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® pots allow growers to save space throughout the growing and shipping process, and allow retailers to get more plants on the benches and merchandise them properly since the pots orient in the trays” – Bret Sulaver, Strategic Account Manager

Q: Why is it important to partner with East Jordan Plastics as opposed to other plastic container manufacturers?

“We are your partners from the beginning to the end — from helping find the right items to purchase, to the delivery when you need it and the recycling of your old, unusable material.” – Jeff Rusch, Sales Manager – Midwest Region

“We always try to do the right thing. In today’s corporate environment, that doesn’t happen often. East Jordan is 100% committed to horticulture and helping growers with innovative, sustainable solutions.” – Wayne Bagwell, Sales Manager – Southeast Region

“There are many reasons, but I would put quality at the top of the list. Across the board, EJP sets the bar for high quality horticultural containers and if you care about quality, you choose East Jordan Plastics.” – Sabryna Davis, Sales Manager – Central Midwest

Q: If you acquired super powers that allowed you to harness unlimited green energy and the power to recycle/upcycle anything- what would your superhero name be?

“I would be called TSC-MAN. The Sustainable Choice™-Man.” – Frank Macrina, Regional Business Development Manager

“My super power name would be POTMAN.” – Tim Vaandering, Sales Manager – Canada

“Pummel, The Pollutant Punisher.” – Wayne Bagwell, Sales Manager – Southeast Region
To learn more about the East Jordan Plastics Sales team, you can find their contact information here. Stay tuned for more EJP blog content and browse our website for the recent product news, company updates and more.

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