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East Jordan Plastics Inc.

The East Jordan Plastics Team

Leadership Team

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-353-1190 or send us a message.

  • Cal Diller

    Cal Diller

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Scott Diller

    Scott Diller


  • Nathan Diller

    Nathan Diller


  • Matt Diller

    Matt Diller

    Vice President

  • Katie Doran

    Katie (Diller) Doran

    Community Relations

  • Owen Diller

    Corporate Recycling Manager

  • Adam Friedrich

    Adam Friedrich

    Director of Production Planning and Logistics

  • Angela Krecke

    Angela Krecke

    Inside Sales & Customer Support Manager

  • Eric Wyles

    Plant Manager - Lyons, GA

  • Coming Soon

    Plant Manager - South Haven, MI

  • Jeff Cunkle

    Jeff Cunkle

    Director of Engineering

  • Jennie Wideman

    Director of Human Resources

  • John Spyhalski

    John Spyhalski


  • Mark Lercel

    Mark Lercel

    Senior Engineer

  • Mike Nauta

    Michael Nauta

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Cell: 315-576-6639

  • Pete Byron


  • Rodney Klomp

    IT Supervisor

  • Roland Yarbrough

    Roland Yarbrough

    Director of Operations

  • Tracy Asposito

    Tracy Asposito

    Senior Accountant

Sales & Customer Service Team

Our Sales & Customer Support Team at East Jordan Plastics is comprised of a talented set of individuals who are driven, knowledgeable, and diversified with a passion to bring you innovative, green friendly products.

For more information, please contact your Territory Sales Manager, or contact us at 1-800-353-1190 or send us a message.

  • Bret Sulaver

    Bret Sulaver

    Strategic Account Manager

    Cell: 815-762-0308

  • Dan Van Rossen

    National Accounts Manager

    Cell: 704-924-1933

  • Frank Macrina

    Frank Macrina

    Regional Business Development Manager

    Cell: 231-675-4533
    Fax: 866-743-0372

  • Jeff Rusch

    Jeff Rusch

    Sales Manager - Midwest Region

    Cell: 231-675-7989

  • Kenny Gill

    Kenny Gill

    Sales Manager - South and Central Texas Region

    Office: 903-570-2895

  • Sabryna Davis

    Sales Manager - Central Midwest

    Cell: 231-497-8258

  • Stephen Dick

    Stephen Dick

    Sales Manager - Northeast Region

    Cell: 717-586-1752
    Fax: 231-536-6704

  • Tim Vaandering

    Tim Vaandering

    Sales Manager - Canada

    Cell: 519-757-7742

  • Wayne Bagwell

    Wayne Bagwell

    Sales Manager - Southeast Region

    Office: 770-363-6821
    Cell: 404-402-9882
    Fax: 770-575-2027

  • Kourtney Olter

    Inside Sales & Customer Support

    Office: 800-353-1190

  • Krista Raymond

    Krista Raymond

    Inside Sales & Customer Support

    Office: 800-353-1190

  • Lisa Ernst

    Lisa Ernst

    Inside Sales & Customer Support

    Office: 800-353-1190