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The Sustainable Choice

Recycled Plastic Containers

At East Jordan Plastics, we believe in sustainable practices done right. Since the early 60s, we’ve been determined to create environmental-friendly solutions that exceed growers’ quality standards—and continue to evolve our plastic recycling practices in an effort to inspire lasting change in our industry. Because it’s one thing to feel good about sustainability; it’s another to act on it.

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For your business. For the industry. For our world.

With demand for sustainable practices continuing to grow, we deliver the products that growers need to succeed. We do this by establishing true partnerships with growers, drawing upon decades of experience, proven processes, and manufacturing expertise to implement sustainable solutions that can leave a lasting impact on their businesses and our industry.


A closed-loop system engineered for success

At our 150,000-square-foot recycling facility in South Haven, Michigan, we recycle nearly 20 million pounds of used plastic from horticultural containers each year—and more from post-industrial and post-consumer streams—and redistribute tailored, sustainably designed solutions to our partners. This is part of our commitment to implementing a fully energy-efficient, closed-loop plastic recycling process that delivers high-quality plastic products. It’s better for growers, the industry, and the planet as a whole.

Together, let’s make The Sustainable Choice.

East Jordan Plastics, South Haven MI


The Sustainable Choice – Recycling Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most frequent questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact us for more information.

Where does East Jordan Plastics pick up plastic material?

East Jordan Plastics can pick up loads of plastic across the United States and in some areas of Canada.

Does East Jordan Plastics accept deliveries of plastic material for recycling?

Absolutely. Deliveries can be accommodated Monday-Friday, 7:00 am – 3:00 pm EST. Please call 269-637-3700 in advance to notify our shipping and receiving department.

What is the minimum quantity required for pick-up?

The minimum quantity for pickups is handled on a case-by-case basis. For LTL quantities, additional stops will have to be coordinated in order to fill the trailer.

Do I have to be a grower or customer of EJP to have them pick up my recyclable growing containers?

Anyone interested in recycling their horticultural containers can recycle them with EJP. However, purchasing your growing containers from EJP truly closes the horticultural container recycling loop.

Can multiple growers consolidate their material at a central location in order to build a load?

Yes, in fact it’s encouraged. When multiple growers are consolidating their plastic material at a central location for pick-up, it is important that each grower mark each individual skid with their greenhouse information. This ensures that everyone gets credited properly.

As a consumer, where can I recycle my used horticultural growing containers?

Right now, consumers can take their used growing containers to participating retailers nationwide. Collection carts are located at these stores throughout the spring and summer months!

Do I need to sort the containers by color?

Growing containers do not need to be sorted by color, just by plastic type. We accept polystyrene (recycling symbol 6), polypropylene (recycling symbol 5) and high-density polyethylene (recycling symbol 2).

Can multiple material types be picked up at the same time?

Yes, however each individual pallet or bale of plastic to be recycled must be comprised of the same material type.

How long does it take to schedule a pick-up once East Jordan Plastics has been notified?

For truckload quantities of plastic material, we can usually pick up within two weeks of being notified. When possible, we try to coordinate pick-ups of plastic to be recycled with the delivery of our finished growing container products or when a truck is in the area.

Can East Jordan Plastics pick up less than truckload quantities of plastic to be recycled?

Yes. We can pick up less than truckload quantities of plastic material. However, we need to coordinate pick-ups with other growers so that the returning trucks can be as full as possible. A full truckload of material is 26 skids stacked to 90”-100” in height.

How much does East Jordan Plastics pay for recyclable material?

Payment is dependent upon material type, quality of sorting, quantity of material, location, and current resin markets. For pricing in your area, call: 269-637-3700.

How do I get paid by East Jordan Plastics for my recyclable horticultural containers?

Payment can either be made by a credit to your account or by check. Many customers who purchase growing containers from EJP prefer to have their accounts credited. Checks are issued to customers who do not buy growing containers from EJP.

Does EJP have different pricing for delivered material vs. material that is picked up by EJP?

Yes. We have delivered pricing and FOB (your location) pricing.

Does East Jordan Plastics accept greenhouse film or empty soil bags for recycling?

We currently cannot accept greenhouse film for recycling. East Jordan Plastics is not an end-user of this type of plastic.

Does East Jordan Plastics accept empty plastic fertilizer bottles or other empty chemical bottles?

We currently cannot accept empty plastic fertilizer bottles or other empty chemical bottles due to possible contamination.

Do you accept plant containers that are made from “bio-resins” or that are biodegradable?

No. These materials cannot be recycled and used to make new growing containers from polystyrene, polypropylene, and high-density polyethylene.

Does EJP recycle tags and bench cards?

Yes. EJP will recycle polystyrene (PS #6), polypropylene (PP #5), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE #2) tags and bench cards. Obsolete unused tags and bench cards can be left in their original packaging. Unpackaged or used tags and bench cards need to be sorted by material type. Tags and bench card recyclables can be picked up with horticultural container recyclables. Signage with metal rings cannot be accepted.

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Together, we can make The Sustainable Choice. Contact us to learn how you can participate in the program and recycle your plastic growing containers!

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