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Protect your Plants and the Planet with Plastic Pots

Posted on July 11th, 2023 in News

For growers, knowing how to maintain a plant’s health is critical for encouraging growth, preventing diseases, and keeping your plants alive. All too often, plant care is over-simplified to each plant’s specific requirements for sunlight exposure and how often it needs to be watered. While these factors play a big part in a plant’s health, the quality of a plant container’s design and durability can make a huge difference for growers when it comes to successful plant growth.

Plastic Containers = Healthy Plants, Healthy Environment 

Plastic pots and containers made with PP (#5) are optimal for use in greenhouses because they can withstand high temperatures without easily tearing or melting. Plastic is higher quality, tougher, and more durable than other materials and can be used multiple times. At East Jordan Plastics, our plastic trays and containers are specifically engineered to last for multiple growing seasons and protect the plant from frost, extreme heat, and direct sunlight. The container’s co-extruded construction provides a protective dark inner layer that protects the plant’s delicate roots from harsh light. 

In addition, our pots and containers are created with a fully energy-efficient, closed-loop plastic recycling process that delivers high-quality plastic products. It’s better for growers, the industry, and the planet as a whole.

Drainage and Containers

Growers that utilize the proper equipment to maintain care of their plants will generally have more success in keeping their plants alive and healthy. The best plant containers have drainage holes at the bottom of the vessel. Drainage holes can also help expose the roots of the plant to oxygen, allowing the plant to breathe better while also being able to dry out between waterings. Some plant containers are designed to provide protection during adverse weather conditions like extreme heat or frost.

At East Jordan Plastics, our entire line of containers are engineered for optimal plant health. Our plug trays are a prime example of a plastic plant vessel designed with the plant’s health in mind. The plug tray’s star-shaped design makes for easy dislodging and efficient transplanting, which can help mitigate root damage. Our plug trays also include drainage holes and feet on the bottom to keep the pots from having full contact with the ground—an incredibly important feature for plant keepers that water their plants from the bottom. Our up-to 100% recycled plastic pots are designed to hold moisture while still allowing drainings between waterings. The strong and sturdy plastic lining walls are built to withstand the most severe weather conditions, putting up a strong wall of defense against the elements.
With proper care, attention, and a sturdy plant vessel, you’ll be in good shape to cultivate a thriving plant collection. Choose an East Jordan Plastics’ plant container for your plants to make The Sustainable Choice™. Click here to learn more about our zero-waste, closed-loop recycling program.

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