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Save Space with SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® Containers

Posted on October 5th, 2023 in News

At East Jordan Plastics, we take immense pride in the quality and unique design of our trays and space-saving containers. Over the years, we’ve designed and manufactured containers to help growers and retailers save space and money without compromising on our commitment to sustainability. Whether it’s our uniquely shaped SHUTTLESTADIUM® pots or spatially optimized L Series Flats or 9″ hanging baskets, our recycled plastic pots, trays and containers are at the forefront of space-saving container technology.

Superior Space-Saving Specs

One of our most innovative space-saving product lines is our SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots, known for their stadium-shaped design. Growers and retailers can maximize space in the greenhouse, on a truck, or on store shelves. Astonishingly, growers that utilize the 2.0qt SHUTTLETM STADIUM® pot can get an average of 50% more plants on a shipping rack compared to comparable round pots. Compared to comparable round pots, our SHUTTLE STADIUM® products truly maximize whatever available space they’re placed in.

While SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots help create space with their unique shape, we offer other containers to save space by minimizing container circumferences while still providing optimal space for plants to grow and remain healthy. Our 9″ Standard Hanging Baskets hold 1.5 gallons of soil volume due to their reduced diameter. The industry standard for a typical 1.5 gallon basket is 10″, making this more compact option a space-saving all-star, providing up to 22% more space-savings than other hanging pots. 

The L Series Flats and Inserts are another line of products that reimagines the industry standard for container product sizes. With standard flats measuring at 10″ x 20″, the 7½” x 20″, L Series Flats shave off an additional 2½” per tray, saving an extra foot of space per every five trays used. Altogether, utilizing L Series Flats with SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots, users can save up to 40% more space compared to other flats and containers. These space-efficient L Series Flats are easy to apply adhesive labels to, keep plants close and condensed, and are built with a high-center rib to increase stacking strength. 

Inches to Acres

One of our partners, Oelshig Nursery, told us they were able to generate space-savings across their business thanks to the design of our SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots. Not only are they able to grow 20% more product on their benches, but they can also now ship 20% more product on each truck and send out 17% fewer trucks.

The Leader in Space-Saving Design

For growers looking to maximize their shipment and greenhouse space, it’s clear that East Jordan Plastics is the frontrunner in space-efficient products. Compared to competitors in the unique-shape container market, our products offer up to 25% more space savings. For example, the competitor’s 2qt pot has an 18″ x 11.15″ footprint compared to the 2.0qt SHUTTLE STADIUM® footprint 10″ x 18″.  While it’s a matter of inches, those saved inches can add up to create acres of additional space.

In the end, no matter which East Jordan Plastics products our partners use, they’ll be able to help save space, money, and the environment. Made with up-to 100% recycled plastics, the clear choice is The Sustainable Choice™.

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