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Sturdy and Sustainable: The Perfect Combination for Mums

Posted on September 27th, 2023 in News

December is a magical time of year. A time for cozying up, reconnecting with family and enjoying winter. Mums are bushy, sprawling and bursting with Thanksgiving themed colors: modest whites, vibrant yellows, warm oranges, and hearty purples. 

In northern parts of the continent, mums are a jovial reminder of the beautiful fall colors that have come and gone—a last grasp at fall before snowfall. Anyone that’s decorated their outdoor spaces with mums more than a few times can probably admit to keeping them well beyond the year’s first flurry of snow.

All this being said, mums are a powerhouse plant. They bring color, life, and joy to the days leading up to the holiday season. When it comes to mums, East Jordan Plastics’ line of recycled plastic pots is the best way for growers to display and keep their plants healthy. With 18 different plastic pots built strong to withstand the elements, there’s a size available to fit every grower’s mum needs. With sizes as small as a quart and as large as a gallon, here are a few of our mum product offerings:


Whether you have a vacant windowsill or an empty space on your work desk, keep your mums contained and healthy in one of our 1.0-pint, 1.5-pint, 1,0-quart, 1.5-quart, or 2.0-quart sized containers. These smaller containers offer multiple options including several colors, a flat side for labeling and tag slots.

While all of East Jordan Plastics’ products are made from recycled plastic, growers and distributors can benefit most from our top-of-the-line SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots. The namesake of these pots comes from its unique shape. Similar to a stadium, SHUTTLE STADIUM® pots are rounded on two ends and flat on the sides. This ergonomic shape makes it easy for businesses to print on the rounded side and label and insert locking tags on the flat side. 


Our SHUTTLE pots are also great options for growing and transporting mums. Available in multiple colors, our SHUTTLE pots are designed for quick de-nesting and built with extra strength and durability. These pots feature a dark inner layer ensuring protection of the delicate roots and also include dual level drain holes and a footed bottom design to maximize healthy drainage.

SHUTTLE Injection Molded Pots

For a large and bountiful mums display option, look no further than the 8″ diameter Mum Pan Round or the 9″ diameter Round which holds more than a gallon of soil perfect for keeping and sustaining a vibrant bouquet of mums. 

Whether you’re shopping for a vessel that can sleekly showcase this beautiful seasonal flower, looking for propagation pots for winter, or gearing up for next year’s growing season, East Jordan Plastics’ family of containers will always be The Sustainable Choice. By bringing back used plastic containers from growers nationwide, we recycle nearly 20 million pounds of used horticultural containers annually and use the recycled material to create new products for the industry. In fact, our zero-waste, closed-loop recycling program has helped us become the leader in sustainable horticultural packaging.

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