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Made (and Recycled) in the USA

Posted on December 11th, 2023 in News

Breaking down the benefits of recycling and producing our products here in the USA

From the very beginning, our family and team at East Jordan Plastics have made it a priority to employ clean, sustainable, and reliable practices to create our horticultural trays and containers. This simple set of goals has shaped us into the company we are today: a leading manufacturer of sustainable horticultural containers, made in the USA with up to 100% recycled material.

In previous blogs, we’ve addressed exactly what goes into manufacturing our sustainable containers made with up to 100% recycled plastic materials because it’s a complex and intriguing process. This time, we’ll be looking closer at a part of our process that’s often overlooked—that 100% of our products are made right here in the USA.

Why Manufacture in the USA? Quality Control.

We live in a world where many of the goods sold in the U.S. are often manufactured overseas. No matter the industry, it’s often a point of pride for domestic companies to brandish the “Made in USA” sticker on their products but, at East Jordan Plastics, “Made in USA” means so much more than just a sticker or a label.

One of the main reasons we manufacture our products at our locations here in the USA is reliability. We believe it’s our duty to produce the most sustainably made products to propel the industry forward. By owning and operating our own production facilities, we know exactly what materials and processes are used to make our products, meaning quality is never in question.

While we understand why many organizations might source their products from other countries, we know the end results simply aren’t as environmentally friendly as the products we make at our facilities here in the states. At East Jordan Plastics, we make sure to sort and individually treat polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) plastics. This seemingly insignificant detail is what sets our products apart from the rest, effectively enabling us to create a high-quality, sustainable final product.

Owning and operating our own facilities also means that we’re never stuck wondering or waiting for a shipment to arrive.  It’s not uncommon for a product produced in a different country to be delayed when one or multiple ports shut down. While logistical errors can happen anywhere, we’d rather have the option of dealing with the problem domestically instead of risking our product shipments being stranded overseas.

Committing to the Future

For more than 75 years, we’ve produced our horticultural containers in the USA—and that’s an important pillar of our business moving forward thanks to our energy-efficient, closed-loop recycling program. Recycling approximately 20 million pounds of used plastic from horticultural containers each year, we’re extremely dedicated to increasing the momentum and participation in our closed-loop recycling program. 

We’re proud to continue producing our products in the USA and will strive to continue creating more green jobs for members of our communities. With our three Michigan locations (East Jordan, South Haven, Beaverton), we’re proud to create opportunities in these hard-working communities and support hundreds of American jobs.  

To learn more about our manufacturing process, be sure to check out the news and updates section of our website.

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