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SHUTTLE POT® Line of Products

New and Innovative SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® family of horticultural containers!

The NEW revolutionary SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® product line is a patented system for enhancing your marketing, production and shipping of flower pots.

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Product Details

The combination of true round sides gives it the ability to have offset print for custom high end graphics like round pots with the addition of flat sides for ease of label application and an improved presentation and tag insertion as on a square pot.

Additionally, the squared-off sides give a space saving advantage for growing and shipping densities with condensed tray footprints in the various sizes with comparison to a similar round pot system.

The SHUTTLE™ STADIUM® series is automation friendly and have all the comparable features of the round SHUTTLE POT® series with easy dispensing, co-extruded construction, dual level drainage and easy plant removal.

Product Benefits

  • Improved space utilization – in greenhouse/field production, on shipping racks, and at retail!
  • Flat sides are ideally suited for label application!
  • Tag slots oriented for easy insertion!
  • Containers can be printed on curved sides!
  • All black containers and trays produced with close to 100% recycled horticultural containers!
  • Offering includes 1 Pint, 1.25 Pint, 1.5 Pint, 1.0 Quart, 1.5 Quart, and 2.0 Quart size containers!

(U.S. Design Patent Nos. D868,620; D868,622; Other Patent Pending)


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